Our mission and vision is firstly to honor and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ in all that we say and do and to live holy and sanctified lives in the service of our King.

It is our aim to teach and equip the Saints in the knowledge of warfare against our adversary, the Devil and to help set free from the snares of Satan those taken captive by his deceptions. With Christ’s help and the power of the Holy Spirit we aim to rescue the perishing souls, to snatch them out of the Kingdom of Darkness and have them translated into the Kingdom of Light of the Lord Jesus Christ.

It is He, Christ Jesus who came to bind up the wounded and heal the broken hearted, and set the captives free; we are just His human instruments, willing and available for His service.

We believe that “prayer is not a preparation for battle, it is the battle” Leonard Ravenhill.

And that “prayer is the greatest conceivable weapon of destruction at the disposal of a believer, destroying obstacles to God’s working either from sin, or from the works of the Devil.” Jesse Penn Lewis.