Evicting Demonic Squatters From your Home.

There is a saying “ A man’s home is his castle;" but I would rather say that a man’s home is to be a sanctuary, a place for the family to live, honor and worship God and a dwelling place to nurture and care for those in the Kingdom of God. We spend far more time in our own homes than in our Church so all the more reason to have a home fit for the King. It is also true that the Lord owns ALL we possess; we only have it on loan. Our name may be on the mortgage or the lease agreement but all our possessions belong to God and therefore we should treat them with reverence.

Just as in the Old Testament the Lord gave the Promised Land to the Israelite Kings for safe keeping, so our homes are to be kept free of foreign objects that offend the Lord. As we will see what we do with our home and in our home affects not only our spiritual well being but the Kingdom of God on earth.

The Lord God gave Moses the Ten Commandments on Mt Sinai so that He could instruct the Israelites in the ways of righteousness. The Law pointed out the sins that offended the Lord, and brought His wrath and anger upon them. The Laws were a schoolmaster to teach them how to live holy lives and serve the Lord their God. We no longer live under the law, but if we are shown areas in our lives that need cleansing we should carry out swift action to remedy the situation.

Too many Christian homes today are not consecrated to our Lord. We have allowed the world and its evil influences to creep in and set up residence. It is usually very subtle, a little at a time. We conform to the standards set by the pressure of the world where as we should be conforming the things of the world to God’s standards. This must indeed grieve the Holy Spirit as He always wants the glory to go to the Lord Jesus Christ. I wonder if the Lord Jesus was to walk into your home right now would you be embarrassed to give Him a guided tour.

There are repercussions and consequences for allowing our homes to become defiled with accused objects. In the times of the Kings and Rulers over Israel and Judah, the allowing of idolatry and false worship to thrive in the Kingdom brought the wrath of God down upon the Israelites. The following examples will clearly show a marked contrast between those who served God and those who served false gods.

Solomon in 1Kings 9 was given great wisdom and wealth while he served the Lord his God. But later in his life he turned to other gods and the Lord raised up an army against him. 1 Kings 11: 4-13.

King Asa in 1 Kings 15:11-13 did right in the sight of God. He removed the false gods and tore down their temples. He even removed his grandmother from being Queen mother because she had an obscene image of a false god. The Lord guided him to many victories over his foes.

Hezekiah in 2 Kings 18 did right in God’s eyes. He removed the pagan altars and idols and trusted totally in the Lord. When smitten with a fatal disease he called for his friend Isaiah to pray to God and his life was extended 15 years. BUT later in life he began to get prideful and vain and he showed the treasure of the Lord to foreigners which brought a rebuke from Isaiah who told him that all he owned and all his people would be taken into captivity by the Babylonians.

Josiah in 2 Kings 23 did right in the eyes of the Lord. He sought the Lord out when he was sixteen years old. While rebuilding the Temple an old manuscript was found. This was the Books of Law that Moses had written. Josiah took measures to obey the Word of God. He destroyed ALL forms of idolatry and sorcery and even all the mediums and soothsayers were killed. Josiah was blessed by the Lord.

Now if we look at the Kings that did evil in the sight of the Lord we will see the opposite effect in their lives, and in the life of the people of Israel.

King Jeorboam built altars and worshipped the golden calf and did evil in God’s sight. This is in 1 Kings Chapter 14. The Lord was angry and brought disasters upon the King and the land and the people.

Baasha did evil in the sight of the Lord in 1 Kings Chapter 15 and the Lord God condemned him and took away his prosperity.

Who can forget the evil Ahab and his wife Jezebel in 1 Kings Chapters 16 and 33? He was weak minded and was controlled by his wife. He introduced more false gods and the Lord sent Elijah to confront him and we know the battle between Elijha and the 450 prophets of Baal in 1 Kings 18. The Lord promised that all that was his would be eaten by dogs, this is how Jezebel ended. The Lord took away the kingdom when his son took over.

King Jehoash did evil and the Lord delivered him and the people into captivity in 2 Kings 13. Some of the evil Kings were killed by the Lord as He was against their idolatry. King Zechariah, King Pekahiah died at the Hand of the Lord and King Hoshea was imprisoned by the King of Assyria because of his deeds.

It is plain to see the two themes in these accounts of God dealing with His people. Those who did evil and worshipped other gods were punished, while those who were true and worshipped only the Lord God Almighty were blessed and rewarded with prosperity.

Without doubt how we rule over our small kingdom and our family will in effect set the scene for either God’s blessing or God’s curse upon our lives. His blessings will be increased or withdrawn as we dedicate our time, our home and our spiritual lives to Him.

We are told plainly in Ephesians 5:11 “to have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.” Just the word in that passage should stand out. “Unfruitful”. How plainer can the Word be. Also in 1 Thess 5: 21-22 we are again told “test all things, hold fast to what is good. Abstain from every form of evil.”

Today there is a great increase in the demonic realm. It is attacking the Christian home and family on all fronts. There is a war being waged here and I am afraid our side is loosing. We are being overwhelmed by Satanic influences; some subtle but in this day most are blatant. Unless the leader in the Christian home has his spiritual eyes open, it will infiltrate and establish a permanent residence in the home. This in turn allows evil to invade his premises through doorways already established. Satan and his demons then begin attacking the spiritual heart of the home. They are intent on destroying everything holy, from daily devotions with the family right up to destruction of the family itself as I can testify.

Would you allow objects to be brought into your home that would attract deadly rattle snakes? Of course not! So then why allow unholy objects that attract demons to be placed in your home. These objects not only allow Satan access but also dishonor the Lord and His Presence in our home. They in other words defile His sanctuary and may cause Him to withdraw His blessings upon us and our home.

Not enough attention is being given to the teaching of Spiritual Warfare from the pulpit or in our seminaries today. Satan must be really pleased that the Christian Army is now nearly a toothless tiger. His deceptions have rocked the Church of Jesus Christ to sleep with passivity and complacency. Warfare against the Devil was carried our by the Lord and his Apostles on a daily basis. The early Church fathers believed in it, all great revivals began with powerful prayer against the Devil and his kingdom to loose his captives. Why are we given weapons of war if they are to be left in the hall cupboard going rusty with misuse! OH yes some of you may dust them off on Sunday morning before Church but right after the service back into the cupboard they go for another week.

Prayer is our main weapon. Leonard Ravenhill said “Prayer is not just the preparation for battle, it is the battle.” I have a little phrase in the front of my Bible, seven days without prayer makes one weak; and so it is in most Christian homes today. Jessie Penn Lewis, a great warrior from the 1904 Welsh revival wrote “Prayer is the greatest conceivable weapon of destruction at the disposal of the Believer, destroying obstacles to God’s working either from sin, or from the works of the Devil.”

She also said, “if a systematic warfare of prayer against the forces of darkness is possible to the believer, such a warfare prayer needs to be learnt as much as any other subject of knowledge............. such believers need not only to understand the intelligent use of the weapon of prayer, but to obtain knowledge of the organized hosts of darkness.......... the believer must learn to observe their methods in the war against the people of God.”

It is time, well past time, to get out the sharpening stone for the Sword, have on the Helmet, shine the Shield, buckle on the Belt, beat the Breastplate, slip on the Shoes and prepare for war against our foe and his forces. We are called to be good soldiers in the Lord’s Army; no one can be a conscientious objector. If you are born again you are in the battle whether you like it or not. You either stand or fight with the Army, or you fall and be captured by the enemy. There are too many wounded soldiers out there, or in our Churches being no use to our Lord and His troops in this battle against the forces of wickedness.

Now is the time to clean up our homes, to evict the demonic squatters and tear down all false altars; reclaim and consecrate your home for the Kingdom of God.

We have a Biblical precedent here to follow. There was a house of one of the children of Israel defiled by cursed objects, and this brought severe punishment upon not just the one defiling his home, but upon all his family.

If you turn in your Bible to Joshua Chapter 7 verse 1.

“The children of Israel committed a trespass regarding the accursed things. Achan, son of Zerah took accursed things so the anger of the Lord burned against the children of Israel.”

What did Achan do to cause the wrath of God to fall on His people?

Verse 11 reads. “Israel has sinned, and they have transgressed My covenant which I commanded them. For they have even taken some accursed things, and have both stolen and deceived; and they have put it among their own stuff.”

This was a serious crime for this sin caused Israel to loose a battle as seen in verse 12. Some pertinent facts emerge from these words. Firstly Achan stole foreign objects and notice; he mixed it with his own objects. Next we see that this had a follow on effect because the Lord removed His Blessing upon the Army of Israel in battle and they had to run away. How often could it be the same in our homes, a little bit of the occult, a video, a book, a statue, a piece of jewelry can turn away a blessing and cause spiritual problems to occur.

The remedy is the same now as then in Joshua’s day. Confession and cleansing. The Lord said in Verse 13 “Get up and sanctify the people....... there is an accursed thing in your midst says the Lord God of Israel.” They were told plainly, “you cannot stand before your enemies until you take away the accursed thing from among you.”

Is it not the same standard today before the Lord? Would not He expect the same to be done in our homes or Churches? Achan confesses his sin of coveting pagan objects dedicated to Babylonian gods that he had hidden in the sand under the floor of his tent. This did not mean that he escaped the consequences of his sin or the wrath of God! The command was given by God to Joshua in verse 15 “that he who has taken the accursed things shall be burned by fire; he and ALL he has, because he has transgressed the covenant of the Lord.”

The penalty was severe not just for Achan, but as we read verse 24 the ramification was passed further along.

“Achan, the silver accursed objects, the garment, his gold, his sons, his daughters, his oxen, his donkeys, his sheep, his tent, and all that he had were brought to the Valley of Achor”. They were then destroyed by stoning and then everything was burnt. This may seem an over kill, but it shows us how serious it may be to have accursed things in our possession.

What can we as Christians learn from the story of Achan?

1.Disobedience to the Lord and His Commandments always brings penalties.

2.Having accursed items in our home brings God’s wrath.

3.Accursed things can lead to defeat by our enemies, Satan and his evil workers.

4.Worst of all, and this is extreme I know but it can lead to spiritual death of the family. I can tell you from first hand experience that the fore mentioned fact has happened in my family.

So what is in our Homes?

“For I am the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquities of the father’s on the children to the third and fourth generations.”

“You shall have no other gods before me, you shall not make for yourself any graven images.......you shall not bow down to them nor serve them.” Ex 20.

Idols and false gods are everywhere today. It is fashionable to have little Buddha’s,Egyptian pharaoh heads or Egyptian cats on the mantle place. Dream catchers and New Age crystals or paintings of unicorns and rainbows adorn many walls. African or native artifacts in the likeness of carved demonic faces, totem poles and feather bonnets adorn the walls of ex missionary’s homes. I am sure that it grieves the Lord, Who says you shall have no other gods before Me!

You may say that these idols are nothing to you, but they have spiritual significance in the kingdom of the Devil. Paul in 1 Cor 8:4 explained that the idol is nothing in the world, and there is no other God but One, but he went on to explain in 1 Cor 10:19-20 what is offered to idols is anything, rather the things which gentiles sacrifice to idols they sacrifice to demons and not to God, therefore I do not want you to have fellowship with demons, and in verse 22 that we may provoke the Lord to jealousy. Are we stronger than He?

So idols can become tools for the Devil, they can create doorways into your home for demons and they can then influence your family. The risk of having demonic squatters in the home that should be serving the Lord is too great. Often children’s nightmares are demons harassing them in their sleep. If this is happening the source must be found and dealt with. It could be an object in the house or a familiar spirit handed down the generational line to the children.

Other common objects in homes today are crucifixes, rosary beads, statues of Mary and other religious icons. Catholism is not Christian! It is the World’s biggest cult. Christ is alive; Satan would have Him still dead on the Cross, but He is Risen, Hallelujah. Away with these false gods. A friend of my wife who had gone to mediums with her had a spirit in her home claiming to be her dead husband. This lady had a huge collection of Catholic statues, and other icons plus tarot cards. This spirit would lie on the bed beside her and say “Hold me”. There are demons that actually have sex with humans. They are called Incubus and Succubus. My wife and I led her to the Lord and then removed all the statues etc and prayed in each room of the house and this spirit has never returned to her.

Tarot cards and Ouija boards, Dungeons and Dragons and other occultic games are forbidden. Any consulting with mediums or calling up spirits is treading on dangerous ground. Many gullible Christians trick or treat on Halloween night not realizing they are celebrating Druid gods and serving demons.

I was counseling a lady in Australia who had a collection of ornaments. Some were fairies, some gnomes, imps and other figurines, and while challenging spirits a demon manifested and when I asked its name and its entry point it said “elf” and pointed to a figure of an elf. The same lady was also an avid collector of jewelry, small silver boxes and other items from pawn brokers. While counseling her two other spirits named themselves as Bower Bird and Trinket. They had compelled her to buy all these items.

I am not trying to say that everyone who collects jewelry or other items has demonic problems, but if you are driven to do these things I would examine your motives before God. Covertness of course is a sin.

My wife before we were married had bought a painting of a ship on a stormy sea. She was at the time involved in tarot cards and consulting mediums with two other ladies. One night they were all together in the living room where the painting hung and their eyes were drawn to it, one lady said she saw a message in the signature, another saw a shadowy shape moving from it. They were all freaked out by the experience.

Another incident occurred in her bedroom after she had become a Christian. She had a large painting behind her bed head on the wall. I was still in Australia and had sent materials for her to give her daughter who was trying to counsel a homosexual young man that she knew. One night after she and I had talked over the phone, she read her Bible and went to sleep. During the night, a painting, which was securely hung, actually came off the wall and instead of falling on the floor behind the bed head, traveled forward about 2 feet and smashed into her face. She woke up in shock and her lip was cut and bleeding. The odd thing was the painting was laying beside her on the bed, face up. By rights, even if it didn’t fall behind the bed, it should have hit the headboard and then fell face down. We believe this happened to Linda as she was putting in an effort to free that young man from Satan’s grip.These paintings were not of the occult but were used by spirits to cause fear.

When we step on Satan’s toes it is well to have on the Armor of God. It goes to show that you must have discernment from the Holy Spirit when you buy items of unknown origin.

So after reading this article you should get down on your knees and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal any occultic object in your home. This may involve destroying some valuable items but remember Accan. They are not worth the spiritual expense of having curses or demonic doorways into your family. It is often that our children yield to the peer pressure of friends and obtain games, music and other material tainted by the Devil. It is best to explain the Biblical reasons for removing the object. Also remember to replace it with wholesome items.

Remember to seek God's forgiveness for obtaining them or receiving them as gifts. Often our unsaved relatives give gifts that are tainted with a demonic nature because they are unaware of the serious implications.

Satan is always looking for doorways into the Christian home especially to where Christ is treasured as the unseen head and is honored daily in prayer and Bible devotions. A monthly cleansing of each room should be on the Christians agenda. Come against any spirits that may have entered and lingered through unsaved friends and relatives. Ask the Holy Angels to capture and carry away any demons that may cause spiritual conflict between family members.

Always pray on the Whole Armor of God daily for you and your family.