Ever since Satan and his myriads of demons were thrown out of their home in Heaven for rebellion, they have sought other homes. They do not like wandering around homeless. The scripture in Luke 11:24-26 refers to an unclean spirit being cast out of a man, wandering thru dry places and finding no rest returns to MY HOUSE from which I came. He even brought back with him seven other spirits to make the person worse than before.

Demons are spirit and without mass so that they can pass in and out of persons and objects at will. They of course prefer humans so that they can use them as instruments.

It is true that demons can attach themselves to object. Demons are desperately wanting to attach themselves to something rather than be consigned to the abyss. We see this desperation in the story when Jesus dealt with the Legion of demons that asked Jesus to send them into the herd of swine. Mark Chapter 5.

Often tourists and missionaries return from foreign pagan countries with pieces of art from cultures that are steeped in shamanism and the like have actually been ,b."blessed" to some demon god. Missionaries have often had problems when coming home after they have accepted a interesting art piece. What the missionaries do not realize is that the art may have been cursed. They bring it home and by accepting it open a doorway for demons and begin to come under demonic attack.

Items such as the Ouija boards are usually infested with demons because of the very nature of the item. They are specifically used to contact spirits This includes other items specific to the demonic realm such as tarot cards and other instruments of divination, or seeking information known only to God, eg crystal balls, pendulums, rings on cotton threads, crystals, and tea leaf readings, physic readings and séances, or trying to communicate with the dead through visiting with mediums or psychics. These things are warned about in the Bible as being detestable to our Holy God. Leviticus 19:31, Deuteronomy 18:10-12. In fact God says “I will set my face against a person who turns to mediums and spiritists (or psychics) to prostitute himself by following them, and I will cut him off from his people.” Leviticus 20:6

Many do not recognize occultic images on jewelry such as pentegrams, ying and yang, amulets, astrology signs, birthstones, rosary beads, and dreamcatchers, as well as other Indian items. Demonic forms of the cross, the crucifix, the upside down cross, the broken cross {peace sign}, the Maltese cross, are all doorways for demons.

Demonic games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Diablo, computer games like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Dragon Quest, occultic TV shows such as Charmed or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, heavy metal music are means that demons use to attach themselves to ignorant people.. Books on the New Age, crystal power, visualization, meditation, zen, and a myriad of other occultic reading give entrance to the mind of those who open themselves up to another source of power apart from the Holy Spirit. Books from cults and other false religions do the same. Catholicism, Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons, Freemasonry, etc all have an element of the truth but it is the doctrines of demons that open the door once again to the spirits that infiltrate the mind and body and prevent the truth of God from being heard and their mission is to take that person to Hell along with the Devil and his hoards of demons.

Statues of pagan gods are an abomination to our lord God, He is a jealous God and having these are breaking the first commandment in Exodus chapter 20. Statues of Mary and child, Jesus or other saints, Christ still on the cross, Buddha, Egyptian gods and figurines, all allow demons to infest your home.

If one has any item of the occult, witchcraft, or the like it should not be merely thrown away as it could give risk to someone else. The item, if possible should be burned after being renounced as sin ground before the Lord God Almighty.

Items that will not burn, can be broken apart and sent for destruction. Never sell them or pass them on to relatives or even give them away as you pass the curse onto others and therefore are responsible before God for their deception.

Items that cannot be destroyed with reasonable effort, such as a some crystal, diamonds, or other hard materials should be repented of and disposed of in the best way possible. A prayer such as the following can be used.

Dear Father in Heaven. We (I) have come to possess this object _________ that I believe may be infested with demons. [if one has brought this object in the house knowing it was something a Christian should not have -- such as a Ouija Board, Tarot Cards, etc, then the person should seek confession BEFORE praying this prayer and then at this place in the prayer offer the following:

Heavenly Father thank you for forgiving us (me) for bringing this _________ into the house. We (I) should have known better and have carelessly allowed this evil into our (my) lives (life). You have forgiven us (me) for this indiscretion and sin. I now ask, Lord, that all the residue left from this sin be cleansed from my soul and all the ground taken by the devil and his minions because of this sin be taken back and placed under the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

.... going on with the rest of this prayer....

We (I) ask You, Heavenly Father, to rid this object of any demons attached to it and send those demons to where You want them to go. We (I) ask You, Heavenly Father, to also cast away any demons that have come into our household and family because of the presence of this __________. Protect us, Heavenly Father, from any and all infestations, harassments, or other attacks or permissions the demons may have had to disturb our (my) household and family.

Heavenly Father, we (I) thank You that You have given us the authority to ask this in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We now ask that You, Heavenly Father, to bless me as I have confessed this sin in the Holy Name above all names, the Lord Jesus Christ that makes the devils tremble, and by the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son. We (I) ask You Heavenly Father to cleanse and to cast away from this place any and all demonic entities infesting it and also all the demonic entities that have come into our (my) home and into our (my) family's lives. Father, we now destroy this _________ as best as we are able so that it no longer resembles what it was. Again Heavenly Father we affirm the Power of the Cross, and the Power of the shed Blood of Christ over the remains of this ___________ in affirmation that the power of evil was broken when Your Son gave Himself on the Cross for us. Father, we now dispose of the remains of this __________ in affirmation that evil has been buried and will continue to be buried in the pits of hell for all eternity.

Lastly Heavenly Father, we are announcing to the devil that we take back the ground that this evil thing has taken in our (my) lives. Heavenly Father, we thank You for hearing our (my) prayer and freeing us (me) from the harassments of the devil and his minions that may have been brought into our (my) house by this ________. We (I) so desire to be free from these harassments of the Evil One. We (I) come to You again with humble heart in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, in asking You to remove and cast out from us (me), our (my) house, and our (my) family all the evil entities and influences that may have been brought into our (my) lives (life) by this _________, and from all other sources; free us (me) from the devil’s harassments and oppression; cancel and destroy all curses or other evil works brought against us (me), our (my) household and family; free us (me), O Lord, of all things not of You and help us (me) to realize Your Victory and Your Freedom that is found in your Son, Jesus Christ. Heal our (my) soul; bring peace and comfort to us (me) and our (my) household. We (I) ask all these things in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ confident in Your wisdom and love, accepting all that Your Will has for us (me). Amen