Deceptions of the Devil in Deliverance

Having been in this ministry for 26 years, I have had to be taught sometimes the hard way. By this I mean the school of hard knocks. Lessons learnt the hard way are not easily forgotten. I was fortunate to have three or four wise mentors who had been in the heat of battle for many years. They have now passed on to glory, and I am sure having been rewarded as good and faithful servants. Even though I had solid training in biblical and practical deliverance, unless you develop a dependence on the Holy Spirit, you can war against demons in the flesh and be terribly deceived.

I must admit up front that I was not immune from the tricks of the enemy. He has been deceiving mankind for about 6000 years, and so is a master of mischief and a skilled warrior in his art of warfare. His goal as we are told is to “steal, kill and destroy.” John 10: 10. He appears as “an angel of light” 2 Cor 11: 14. As a “roaring lion waiting to devour”. 1 Peter 5:8

Paul says we are “not to be ignorant of his devices." 2 Cor 2: 11. And to know “the wiles of the devil” Eph 6: 11. Paul, inspired by the Holy Spirit, laid out the weapons of war that Christians are supposed to use in their warfare against the devil and his demons in Ephesians 6: 10-17. How many Christians bother to even check out the Armory. It seems most take it out on Sunday, dust it off, bring it home after Church and put it back in the closet. Then they wonder why Satan’s fiery darts pierce their body and inflict misery on their family. Or perhaps they are so carnal that Satan no longer worries about them.

Most Christians would rather fight each other than fight the devil. They fail to recognize that the problems between them are not a difference of opinions or disagreements, but these situations are planned and executed by demons. “For we fight not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers.” Ephesians 6: 12.

Most division in churches and in families and between married couples are demons using their minds to inject their poison into situations to cause strife, contentions and division to dishonor our Lord and bring His people into bondage. Satan effectively cripples ministries, outreaches, Bible studies, and family devotions, which should be glorifying Christ and growing His Kingdom.

Now I would like to share some of my experiences and that of others involved with me in deliverance learned valuable lessons.

I had sat in on several deliverance sessions when I was asked to assist in a case involving a major principality in a man named George. The strongman was found to be Lefra, Lord High Prince and Lord High Priest of Divination, 5th in command to Satan.

This demon was very powerful and arrogant, telling us to bow to him. We had tried to restrain George, but when in full manifestation, Lefra would stride around the room, beating his chest, saying even Satan was frightened of him. The leader of the team, Glen, had some experience. But this violent demon would push us out of the way as if we were feathers. He even threw the glass of communion wine about and was very fierce.

We had a team of about 10 Christians, some praying, some reading the Word, and some singing choruses. We tried to bind him to the chair spiritually, but he would just lift his hands saying "you puny Christians can’t bind me” and continue his tirade. We were at a loss as to what to do. This went on for several sessions. We had churches praying and believed we would by faith prevail.

One session we called for more angels and Lefra laughed and said “Look at them flee.” He said you cannot bind me because there is sin in your members. We called him a liar, but he insisted and even pointed out a member and said he was committing adultery. The member went red and confessed it.

Finally Lefra said “The Lord Jesus has chained me.” I still get goose bumps as I recall that victorious moment. We all applauded, but many other lessons were to be learned from the dealings with Lefra which I will deal with later.

Respect Satan’s power, but never lose sight of your position in Christ. We are positionally seated with Christ in Heavenly places, far above ALL principalities and powers. Another case with strong violent demons was with Jane. She was a slightly built lady, about 80 pounds. Yet one night she fled the country church where we were ministering into a cornfield and 4 grown men were hard pressed to hold her down.

We do not physically restrain counselees now. We bind the demons to the chair spiritually with chains of fire placed there by God’s holy angels, and usually have no trouble. But forget to do this and you learn a quick lesson.

A lady Pat came for counseling on a spiritual matter, but the Holy Spirit said clearly to test her tongue. She had used this Pentecostal “gift” for 40 years, so she readily agreed. She proceeded to manifest the tongue and I demanded according to 1 John 4: 1-4 that the spirit declare “That Jesus Christ is come in the flesh”. At once her face contorted and her hands became like claws and she came at me to claw out my eyes. Thank the Lord Jesus Christ for the power of His armor of light as she got within an inch of my eyes. More lessons of Pat’s deliverance later also.

Tongues are an area of great deception. I must say at the onset that once I was deceived by evil spirits pretending to be of the Holy Spirit. I mentioned Jane earlier, when she came to us she had been to just about every Pentecostal church in her city, looking for deliverance. She had been “slain in the spirit” many times and spoke in tongues. I cast out 6 tongue speaking spirits that had entered from 6 separate Pentecostal churches, but there was one that seemed to pass all the Biblical tests we put on it. It would confess “Christ has come in the flesh” that “Jesus Christ is Lord” that “Jesus Christ is God manifested in the flesh” and that “it loved the blood of Christ?”

So two others and myself presumed this was the Holy Spirit and received information from it to help deliver Jane. This went on for months, but she never did improve. Other ministries worked with her when I moved far away, and we visited her when we could but found that she had digressed so far both spiritually and physically that she became house bound and loving Christians had to bring her the meals prepared daily.

Once while applying the Biblical test to the spirit according to 1 John 4: 1-4 I asked the spirit claiming to be the Holy Spirit when was my wedding anniversary date. Being God the Spirit it should have known it. There was a silence for about a minute and it answered, “You shall not test the Lord your God.” I was suspicious from that time onwards. It made a prophecy that a man would come from South Africa who would be Jane’s helpmate. This never happened she went to be with the Lord.

A mentor of mine, Allan Sampson was called in to assist in the testing of a tongue that had divided a Church congregation. Representatives from both sides were gathered to see the outcome. Allan proceeded with the test and again the spirit in manifestation gave correct answers. Still full of doubt Allan asked for another meeting to be set up for the following night.

He sought the Lord’s direction in prayer and received three questions to put to the spirit. At the next testing Allan put forward the first question that the Lord had given him. It was concerning a medication that he took for a certain condition. The spirit failed to know this. The same failure with the other two questions. This proved that it was a lying demon, which it was forced to admit, not the Holy Spirit who knows all things.

Katie was another tongue speaker who came to live with us for a period of time. She agreed to obey scripture and have the test carried out. While in manifestation I asked the spirit “do you confess that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh?” It replied “yes” to that and affirmed that Jesus was Lord also. A note here, one must always ask the counselee to take a position of neutrality to the gift until it is proven one way or another or else the answers could be coming from their own mind. It is wise to ask “Is this answer coming from your mind or from the spirit in manifestation?

I said to this spirit “if you are the Holy Spirit you will know the scripture John 3: 16. It did. I then told it that since the Holy Spirit inspired the whole of scripture, it would know any verse and the whole chapter. It agreed. I then said would you quote 1 Corinthians Chapter 13. It began with the first two verses and then hesitated. I said please continue. It said “well I don’t know it all off by heart.” It then had to confess it was a deceiving demon counterfeiting the Holy Spirit.

I must say here that I have tested over fifty tongues and have yet to find a genuine Holy Spirit in manifestation. Gerald McGraw kept records of over three hundred and said “without a doubt tongues was a huge doorway for the Devil.” He found 90% were proved false and the rest doubtful.

Remember Pat; well after her deliverance from her false tongue and other demons, she came back and had another test. As I was praying she fell to her knees clasping her hands in prayer and a voice said “please don’t send me away, I am a good one from God.” I inquired of it, “is that the God in Heaven who sent His Son to earth to die on the Cross for Pat’s sins.” In a screaming voice it said, “No not that one, I hate Him.”

Do not be ignorant of the Devil’s deceptions.

The next area of trickery and deception involves shared spirits. Somehow Satan and his demons share areas of bondage involving two or more persons usually in the family bloodline but can be between Husband and wife. This is particularly relevant in sexual partners and family members. The Lord says that when man and woman join in a sexual union they “become one flesh.” A sexual partner who commits sexual sins outside of marriage the Lord says is fornication and adultery. Spirits can flow from one person to the next during intercourse. During deliverance it is essential that this ground be confessed and put under the blood of Christ. Not only do shared spirits inhabit a person, but an unholy soul tie is established that needs to be cut also. Soul ties can hinder a marriage relationship as evil spirits often create a yearning for a past lover instead of a solid physical and spiritual union between husband and wife.

While dealing with a person one day I had an Elder of the Church assisting and as we dealt with soul ties and shared spirits in the counselee. The Lord spoke to him about an area in his life that he had a continual struggle with. It was pornography. He confessed this before the Lord and as I questioned him looking for the doorway he remembered while serving in Vietnam he had sex with a prostitute. After confessing and cleansing I commanded the spirit to leave and he has had no further problems in that area.

I was doing deliverance with a Mother and her three adult children when a spirit of Hate, Death and Destruction was uncovered in the family line. This was a very strong generational spirit, full of vengeance wanting to kill her and me also. The lady had stated that there was premature death in the family line. Under the power of the Lord God Almighty the spirit said it had entered through the pagan Roman Catholic Church in an ancestor. It revealed that it had killer her grandfather, father and two nephews. The two boys and another brother were in a home that caught on fire. Only one escaped barely with his life and has a badly scarred body to this day. This spirit was in each of the family members including the grand children.

This same family also had an addiction to gambling. One son, the eldest, would hock almost anything each week to play the pokies and drink. Like the saying goes, he would sell his mother for a dollar to gamble. The mother and daughter were also compulsive players at the gambling resorts. While counseling the mother, a spirit called Habitual Sin was uncovered. It had entered through the Mother who player bingo at the Catholic Church every week. This spirit was shared in all the children also.

In situations like this I command the spirit to return from each of the family members. I also command that any spirits under its control be hooked to it with all their works; because the strongman is defeated the spirits under its authority have been defeated also. It is like when the Japanese commander of the Imperial Japanese forces surrendered his sword to General Douglas Macarthur in World War 11, the rest of the troops in Japanese Army under him also had to admit defeat.

One of the most effective ploys of the Devil is where effective deliverance ministry is operating is to send a spirit of division. This usually begins with pride in a team member or a member thinks he or she has more discernment than others. Don’t say it cannot happen to those who are spiritual warriors. I have seen several teams split over these issues. Satan will use any tool in his arsenal and I guarantee will find the weak link in the most vulnerable member of the team.

The first ministry group that Jane went to ended in being split because the leader did not believe she had demons and was faking the manifestations. I took her to Allan Sampson who as I said had over thirty years experience and came back with recorded sessions but still could not convince the team leader that her torment was from many demons. Another ministry that I was involved in was an outreach to the cults. It had operated successfully for about two years and then other members came in who spoke in tongues. They would not submit to the scriptural test so that worthwhile ministry split. Another deliverance ministry I was a part of began counseling a lady who was very seductive and turned out to be a witch sent to destroy the team. Most were deceived by her Jezebellic wiles. Remember the story of Jezebel and Ahab in the Old Testament; Well Jezebel wanted a vineyard and used the King’s seal and ring to have the owner of the vineyard killed. No trace of her trickery. Ahab did it all.

One of the best ways to prevent deliverance is of course is to fool the one who need it into believing that they have no demons or that a Christian cannot be invaded with demons. There is a great lack of understanding in this area of ministry. Most Christians, even ministers do not believe a truly born again Christian can have a demon within their body. This is the next greatest deception of the Devil apart from lie that there is no Devil.

Several well known Christian authors have had to change their stance on this issue. Merril Unger once wrote affirming that it was impossible for a believer to have evil spirits but had to change his theology when a relative who he knew to be a believer had to have deliverance.

I must explain how I perceive this situation. In the Old Testament the Temple consisted of three distinct areas; the outer court where all types of people came to buy and sell. The inner court where only the priests of God met and prayed and did sacrifices, and the Holy of Holies, the residence of God Almighty. The High Priest only entered this once a year. This was such a awesome responsibility that a rope was often tied to the foot of the High Priest just in case he was found in sin by Almighty God and struck dead. So then is our person a triune being. The body corresponds to the outer courtyard is certainly not holy; it is flesh, the soul, the mind will and emotions. Again not holy unless totally sanctified 100% of the time. The spirit, which is the residence of the Lord. In fact I like to make the demons look upon a person’s spirit with their spiritual eyes and tell me who resides there.

The evil spirits do not like to admit that THEIR NAMES, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit reside in a believer’s spirit. It can NEVER be possessed by a demon; afflicted, oppressed, tormented, yes.

I believe the Bible makes it clear a Christian can have a demon. The Apostle Paul in 2 Corinthians 12: 7-9 says

“And lest I should be exalted above measure through the abundance of the revelations, there was given to me a thorn in the flesh, the messenger of Satan to buffet me, lest I should be exalted above measure.”

Messengers are angels, this was an evil spirit sent by the Lord to keep Paul humble. Thrice he sought deliverance from it but the Lord said.

“And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.”

Paul also writing to the believers in Corinth says in 2 Corinthians 11: 3-4.

“But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtlety, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ. For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him.”

Paul is essential saying if you get into false doctrine you have another Jesus, and receive a deceiving spirit for dabbling in the Devil’s territory.

Well meaning but deceived Pastors tell their flock to stay away from deliverance ministers because our reputation has been smeared by the tele evangelists extreme methods. Row upon row of seekers are slain in the spirit {which spirit, I ask} and babbled over in tongues only to be no better off. Often in my ministry I have had to deal with spirits that entered from the ministry of the heretics of Hinn, Copland, Hagin and their crew.

These pastors who have had no training in spiritual warfare only advance the cause of Satan by their ignorance. An essential part of the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ and the apostles was casting out demons and healing the sick. Why is this not a major part of the training in our seminaries and colleges today?

I should mention another oblivious tactic of the enemy towards those who are addicted in a particular area. Whether it is drugs, alcohol, porn, or any other compulsive habit that this is the very area where the attack will come from. I have warned many to be prepared after deliverance to expect retaliation but often the advice fell on dull ears. One man, John was a drug addict and alcoholic. He came to me filled with hate towards a woman and was very suicidal. We went through all the renunciation prayers and he repented and confessed his sins in a genuine manner. Demons were exposed and some dealt with that night. As he left I warned him to expect retaliation. A couple of days went by without hearing from him or being able to contact him. I found out from one of my team that he had arrived home and had hardly sat on his couch when the doorbell rang.

It was an old mate who he had not seen for months, a drug dealer with a free hit of crack. He fell for the bait and in his stupor even drank anti freeze because he had no alcohol. He ended up in the intensive care unit in a very serious way.

Another lady who I counseled was addicted to the pokies. It was a generational spirit in the family line. Her two sons and a daughter were also addicted. As I ministered a demon called “Habitual Sin” was exposed and sent to the pit. She was invited out to dinner by the sons who continued to gamble. The next session a demon called “Keno” came forward and when questioned as to how it came to be there it replied that one of the sons had purchased a keno ticket in her name and she held it. She thought that she was protected by not buying it.

There is a severe warning in Romans Chapter 1. After naming many wicked practices in verses 28-31 the apostle gives this remark that should make us examine what we condone.

“Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but those who have pleasure in them that do them.” Do you grasp that? If we look on passively at something that is contrary to the Lord’s commands, sinful and do nothing about it, we are “worthy of death” with them. We are placed under the judgment of God for this attitude.

Remember me writing about Lefra, Lord High Prince and Lord High Priest of Divination. Well our team thought we had him defeated several times; he would admit that he had no legal right to be there and then we asked the holy angels of Almighty God to come and escort him to the pit. Then not much later we would recognize his arrogant voice again coming out of George. We were at our wits end and spent much time in prayer seeking the discernment of the Lord. Then one of the team said to Lefra “How many are you?” There was immediately a silence. We knew we had hit the nail on the head. There were several Lefras and the strongman had been forcing the others up the front to admit defeat. Now it is almost mandatory in ministry when dealing with a strongman to question, “How many are you? Are you a whole spirit or have you parts in someone else?

Get the No 1 spirit to admit defeat and force him to call all the others either by the same name or those working under him in the person or in others. I should mention here that I always call the spirits back from other family members and children before sending them to the pit. The demons definitely do not like doing this and often a spirit will be forced to come back by the Lord Jesus Christ and say “What am I doing here, I don’t belong here! This is not my residence!”

Two other ploys used by the enemy are putting the counselee to sleep and inflicting pain on the person. Regarding sleep or drowsiness, after a long ministry session both the minister and the person are worn out; It is a battle of the minds. The mind of the victim, the mind of the deliverance minister and the mind and will of the demon. Often on the point of victory the head of the person will slump forward, or they will say, “I’m just so tire all of a sudden.” Command the spirit doing the work putting the counselee to sleep to cease and leave.

The same procedure is used when a demon inflicts pain. I usually ask the angels to put a hundred times more pain on the demon because it tormented a child of the Living God. I ask the holy angels to wrap the demon in chains of fire and run their swords through them. Often when they are really stubborn I ask the angels to cut off their hands and feet so they cannot stand against the commands of God’s children. Another very useful method with stubborn demons is to send them to the feet of Jesus Christ to be humbled. They often come back very docile and ready to leave.

While ministering to my wife a demon would inflict terrible pain in the back of her neck. She would grit her teeth and I would bind and put pain back on it until it was forced to yield its name. It was called Atlas and said that it put the weight of the world on Linda’s shoulders. Ernest Rockstad told of an interesting deception while ministering to a lady. She would in the middle of a session, at a critical point when suddenly say that she needed the bathroom. Of course this stops the flow of power and let the spirit get a breather. This went on a few times until Rockstad asked “Is this Lilly who wants to go to the bathroom, or is it a demon blocking ministry?” It was a deception of the evil one.

If I was to choose the one area that causes the most problems and is most likely to be used by the enemy to deceive it is dealing with MPDs. What is a MPD? Multiple Personality Disorder. How do we describe this area that is coming more and more a factor in deliverance ministry?

Within the one person there exists one or several distinct personalities that can be at frozen at different ages because of traumatic incidents at that particular date. This incident is most often caused by abuse whether it is sexual, physical or emotional. To cope with the terror of the incident and to stop going mad a part of the person splits off and retains the memory of that horrible event while the victim goes on maturing as an adult.

There are startling numbers when researching this subject. 97% of MPDs have suffered childhood abuse, and 50% subjected to satanic ritual abuse. I have found in my 26 years of ministry that about 1 in 3 of people that come for counseling have been abused in their childhood.

What also happens when this trauma is induced is that demons from the perpetrator seize the opportunity to indwell the victim. In my ministry I have never counseled a MPD that was not demonized. Often the adult victim never realizes that there is indwelling split parts of him or her.

This disorder can be difficult to minister to as demons often pose as an alter. {Alternate personality} They can speak like the victim; they can talk and recall information that is known to the victim, they can have the same emotions as the victim. The reverse is also true that the alter can sound and behave like a demon and express a range of emotions that could be demonic such as, anger, fear, bitterness and hatred.

Alters are most often encounted when doing healing of emotions and the memories of hurt from childhood. Often the Holy Spirit will gently nudge forward an alter to be healed. As I stated there are always demons within these fractured parts.

How do we discern a personality from a demon? Firstly depend on the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth. One of my first questions is this. “Are you spirit or flesh?” if it says flesh I then will say, “do you renounce the Devil and all his works.” A demon will never deny his master Satan, but here is the catch; an alter that does not know the Lord Jesus Christ will not deny Satan either. Another way to discern is that human alters will exhibit more positive emotional traits than a demon. Demons are never good. If an alter is treated like a demon it can cause more damage because once again this hurt one is not understood and therefore may retreat and hide from the ministry of healing.

If I am sure it is a demon I will command it to look at the victim’s spirit and tell me who dwells there; this of course is only done when we are sure that the victim is born again or in most cases under the age of accountability because “little children” belong to Jesus. Some do not know about the Lord Jesus Christ and have to receive the gospel, after that we cast out the spirits and ask the Lord to come and heal the wound and integrate the alter with the host.

I am sure that as we recognize the deceptions of the Devil and alter our strategy to defeat his evil spirits he is already working on other ways to begin all over again. He is tireless in his efforts to enslave and carry off to the flaming pit all those who do not have on the Whole Armor of God. This means putting on the Lord Jesus Christ and His righteousness daily and not giving place to the Devil. “For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh: (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;) Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;” I thank the Lord Jesus for sending the Holy Spirit as our Teacher and for giving us wisdom and discernment in these evil days. Paul had to chastise the Corinthian Church for its carnality. He issues many warnings to these babes in Christ. They should have been far more mature so they could recognize deception in their midst.

“But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ. For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him."

Satan is out to get you Christian. He will seek to corrupt your mind; he will try to introduce “another Jesus” and “another Gospel” and if you open the door you will definitely receive “another spirit” other than the Holy Spirit. We are to be “Good Bereans” do not believe what you hear from the preacher’s mouth. Check it out with the Word of God, “Test all things, hold fast to that which is true. Abstain from every form of evil.” 1 Thess 5: 21-22.